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I have been a keen amateur astronomer for decades now and have built several telescopes from scratch and use these whenever the weather allows! In the past I have been an active member of the Bristol Astronomical Society and have lectured for many UK astronomy clubs and organisations on topics as diverse as Life on Other Worlds, The Search for Dark Matter, Chaos in the Solar System, Galileo at Jupiter, Astronomy Education and many more..

During my time at the Exploratory Hands-on science centre here in Bristol, I was Astronomy Advisor and Planetarium Presenter and devised several shows and workshops for schools and the general public. It was at this time that the Monthly Skyguides were created using the fabulous resources of the science centre including the inimitable (and inflatable!) Stardome portable planetarium. These continuing education courses have been consistently well-subscribed and provide an exciting springboard into astronomy, both armchair and practical. The courses are run by various local organisations, but mainly within the University of Bristol Public Programmes Office (PPO). I am always looking for new venues and organisations to work with in the quest to bring astronomy to a wider audience, and above all I really, really enjoy giving people the chance to see Saturn or the Moon through a telescope - its an experience that everyone should have!

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