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It was astronomy that propelled the internet and the World Wide Web, and it is still one of the best resourced subjects for those with a surfing disposition. The following astronomy links are far from exhaustive but I have found them invaluable to keep up-to-date with such a fast moving subject.

General Space and Astronomy news Aunty's space base Astronomy picture of the day Frank Ward's excellent GCSE astronomy resource site (requires login)
The Sun and Aurorae Real-time auroral images and alerts Subscribe to email alerts for the UK Another excellent auroral site US National Solar Observatory home page
Satellites superb satellite tracker (esp Iridium flares)
Magazines Astronomy Now (UK) Current and archived astronomy news US Astronomy glossy US journal slanted towards instruments
Organisations Brilliant travelling planetarium and science shows Bristol Astronomical Society The British Astronomy Association The Royal Astronomy Society The Society for Popular Astronomy The International Astronomical Union National Aeronautics and Space Administration European Space Agency The Commission for Dark Skies
The Moon NASA's eclipse pages Moon phase calculator Photographic map of the Moon
Solar System NASA's latest planetary data
Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence The SETI Institute the SETI@Home project
Telescopes UK telescope retailers The Anglo Australian Telescope The Hubble Space Telescope European Southern Observatory Royal Observatory, Edinburgh Armagh Observatory Jodrell bank radio telescope
Software Skymap software Starry Night software


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