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Capricornus - the Sea Goat


Mythology - Capricornus is a Babylonian creation and an inhabitant of the heavenly "sea". This constellation was the emperor's sign and was associated with the god of the subterranean freshwater ocean Enki, associated with wisdom, magic and incantations. In Greek mythology, the she-goat Amalthaea who nursed Zeus after he was hidden from his father, Cronus. Other stories link the constellation to the man-goat god Pan, and in medieval Europe, to the devil himself.
Stars - Al Giedi (alpha capricornus) is a naked eye double, whereas Dabih (beta capricornus) is a binocular double with contrasting colours.
Deepsky - M30 is a binocular globular cluster but is poorly placed for UK observers.
Visibility - The best time to see Capricornus is in September