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Cepheus - the King


Mythology - Cepheus was the long-suffering husband of the vain Cassiopeia and king of Philistia (Ethiopia). After her boastfulness was heard by Poseidon he had to agree to sacrifice his daughter Andromeda to Cetus the sea monster. Later on he also found his way onto the Argo as one of Jason's Argonauts.
Stars - In Cepheus there is the prototype variable: delta cepheii, a pulsating star that varies between magnitudes 3.5 and 4.4 with a period of 5d 8h 48m. These variations can be followed by naked eye or binoculars by comparing its brightness to epsilon and zeta, the other two stars of the little triangle that makes up his foot. Mu cepheii was named the Garnet Star by William Herschel because of its distinctive ruddy hue. It is a Mira-type pulsating variable (3.7 - 5.0) with a long period.
Visibility - Although an all year round constellation, you need to be away from light pollution to see all of the stars in it. Cepheus appears overhead throughout Autumn.