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The Starry Skies of August
(Hover over the stars to find the constellations, click to find out more)

Aquila - the Eagle Sagittarius - the Archer Scorpius - the Scorpion Capricornus - the Sea Goat Equuleus - the Foal Delphinus - the Dolphin Ophiuchus - the Healer Cygnus - the Swan Lyra - the Lyre Hercules - the Hero Vulpecula - the Little Fox Sagitta - the Arrow

Typical view 2 hours after sunset looking due South. A fist at arms length is 10 degrees across.

August marks the beginning of the end of Summer and as the nights draw in, high overhead you can pick out the Summer Triangle - three bright stars that belong to three different constellations: Vega in Lyra the Lyre, Deneb in Cygnus the Swan and Altair in Aquila the Eagle. Follow the Milky Way down through Cygnus, Aquila and on to Sagittarius the Archer. Here you are looking towards the heart of the galaxy. Further up and to the West are the twin figures of Ophiuchus and Hercules head to head in the sky and both hunting grounds for globular clusters