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The Starry Skies of July
(Hover over the stars to find the constellations, click to find out more)

Corona Borealis - thje Northern Crown Bootes - the Herdsman Libra - the Scales Scorpius - the Scorpion Sagittarius - the Archer Ophiuchus - the Healer Serpens Cauda - the Tail of the Serpent Serpens Caput - the Head of the Serpent Hercules - the Hero Lyra - the Lyre Aquila - the Eagle Cygnus - the Swan

Typical view 2 hours after sunset looking due South. A fist at arms length is 10 degrees across.

Warm July evenings are a treat as the Summer constellations of Sagittarius and Scorpius come into view. You are looking towards the heart of our galaxy through the stars of Sagittarius and the area is full of binocular objects. You can also follow an arm of the Milky Way down through Cygnus the Swan and Aquila the Eagle. High overhead is the faint upside-down figure of Hercules who is sandwiched between Lyra the Lyra and Corona Borealis, the Northern Crown.