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Boötes - the Herdsman

Mythology - There are many versions of the story of this constellation depending on the Greek era. In one, the earth goddess Demeter produced two sons, Plutus and Philomelus. The brothers never agreed on anything. Plutus was wealthy and never gave his brother assistance. Philomelus invented the wagon and used his profits to buy two oxen. These he used to plow and cultivate fields. In recognition of Philomelus' ingenuity, Demeter raised him to the skies as Boötes, the herdsman, walking behind his wagon (the Plough).
Stars - Izar (epsilon Boötis) is a fine double star which is a good test for a 50mm refractor and reveals a bright orange and fainter greenish star.
Visibility - Boötes is visible from Spring through to Summer but is best seen around June and July