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The Starry Skies of October
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explore Aquarius
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Typical view 2 hours after sunset looking due South. A fist at arms length is 10 degrees across.

With the first frost comes the opportunity to observe dark and steady skies. The signpost for Autumn is the mighty Pegasus who flies upside down in the South. His body is marked by a large rectangle of bright stars called the "Square of Pegasus". Just beyond his nose is a faint quadrilateral that is the head of the foal Equuleus and beyond that a small, cute dolphin leaps around in the sky. His name is Delphinus. Underneath the head of Pegasus there is the "water jar" of Aquarius, a small forrmation of stars that looks like a Greek amphora. Low down in the South West is Capricornus looking more like a boar's head or ski boot than a sea-goat!